Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Or A Corpse That Can't Be Bought

Utopia, Swing To The Right, 1982.


Cleveland Bob said...

I worked for a right wing tool from Phoenix a few years back who was a Todd freak. I mentioned this tune to him one time in the interest of potentially resolving the severe case of cognitive dissonance from which he was suffering.

He said I didn't understand the intent behind the tune...and just to listen to the music. I believe his next sentence was, "Lyrics don't mean much anyway".

darkblack said...

Of course the 'lyrics don't mean much' (being only words on a piece of paper, somewhat like the U.S. Constitution or the American Bill of Rights)...but there will always be such conveniently evasive rationalizations handy for those employing the byzantine complexities of conservative 'thought', CB.