Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Overnight

Bill Evans with Eddie Gomez, Invitation, 1974.

Clifford Brown with Neal Hefti Orchestra, Portrait of Jennie, 1955.

Booker Ervin, Uranus, 1961.

The Miles Davis Quintet, No Blues, 1961.

Phil Woods, The Thrill Is Gone, 2002.


Cleveland Bob said...


I listened to the Miles cut this morning whilst performing my morning ablutions.

No nicks, cuts or errors to report. Thanks. Happy November to you, mon ami.

darkblack said...

And a (hopefully) happy November to you as well, CB - ideally, one not to get in a lather about.


Laura said...

Just popping in to let you know that I have been *trying* to listen to the music.
Every time I sit down this week or come into the room even, it seems like everyone follows me! I can barely hear!!
Things will be slowing down after this weekend so, I'll get a better listen next week!
So far, I've only heard the first. :)And I've been in about 6 or 7 times!


Suzanne said...

love that miles db -- thanks