Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ain't Gonna Work On Arianna's Farm No More

Blower In Chief

Hell, didn't I do enough of that already for three or four years? No free rides, baby.


In other subjectively relevant news - still no computer but the occasionally borrowed (and it took two different open browsers and a whole lot of guessed passwords for this post), therefore blogging is still a sharp chunk of no fun and won't be a regular feature hereabouts for a time longer.
Thank you all for the good vibes in the previous post, found among the now-cleaned up entreaties from overseas purveyors of adult entertainment.

Carry on



mark hoback said...

I was working on a cover when I saw the 'Participate' so I put mine out there, but it never showed up.

No respect, I tell ya.

Tengrain said...

Good to hear from ya, brother, I miss you.

I keep saying in every forum I go that HuffPo should pay their contributors. It's amazing that they keep suckering in free content for a millionaire.



Demeur said...

You are well missed DB. Only wish I could help out but alas I'm in a similar sinking boat.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Thinking about you. Love the Norma Laura. Only you, babe.

Fran / BG

PS I smell a change in the wind when it's no longer just about Wapo's desire for free content and we start to hear use of the term Blogscabber. Wonkette's right we need a union.