Tuesday, February 23, 2010

5 Is The Magic Number

Whole Clotta Love

...Five draft deferments, five heart attacks.

Our best wishes for a speedy trial, er, recovery, Mr. ex-Vice President.



Anonymous said...

Dick Cheney's heart keeps trying to kill him, modern corporate medicine keeps bringing him back. It MUST be a conspiracy!

Rehctaw said...

Symmetry, like Karma, is a bitch.

I will believe that Cheney has a heart when it is put on display by Ripley's.

Until then, it's just another conjured up LIE. That he has one and that it's attacking him too.
How convenient.

Cheney's Heart, Bush's Brain, Kristol's Courage, And Reagan's infallible Wizardry. Homespun poppycock. Pure Fiction.

zencomix said...

5 Supreme Court Justices.

Anonymous said...

Karma has nothing to do with this in this life. It is his next that Karma will come into play. When he dies, I want his cold corpse caged and hung out for the carrion on the steps of the Capitol as warning to those who would betray our country for profit

Letters to the Earth said...

How can you have a heart attack when you have no heart? It's probably just gas -- you know how he explodes in fear over everything.

When he gets to 666, then it should get interesting.

Cleveland Bob said...

Nice try db, but your math is off a titch.

6 will be the actual magic number.

Batocchio said...

Good point, db!

The Sailor said...

I award him with my plaque.