Monday, June 01, 2009

Forsaken On Earth, And In Heaven


I don't have much more to add on the tragic events of the weekend in Kansas, but I will state this, from a freethinking perspective.

Never expect anything but antisocial mayhem from humanoids who freely and eagerly break one of the fundamental tenets of their own faith, and then justify it by invoking the 'will of their creator' (the one who supposedly wrote those tenets), a will that they presume to have intimate details of...Do you see the disconnect?
Apparently, they are unwilling or mentally incapable of doing so. This sort of cognitively dissonant zealotry, however expressed and irrespective of sources and icons,is a clear and present danger to the advancement of civilization.

Far from being honest religious obedience, such acts are delusional, sociopathic behavior, and all who subscribe to and condone them are naught but criminals and terrorists who, in spite of their redemptive fantasies, will find Heaven's doors closed to their shades forevermore and their meager souls forsaken to the fiery lakes within their imaginations, as the infirm vessels that they have become...and perhaps always were.


driftglass said...


Utah Savage said...

Perfectly put, nicely done. What can one add to that?

Unknown said...

Do you see the disconnect? ~ Oh hell yeah..and it's scary that they don't see it.

Well said DB..thanks bro.

Larue said...

Nothin left but 'Amen, let's eat'.

Well shopped, and posted, O Canuckistanian One.

It's long passed time for the DFH's to stand up and hold ground. Long time passed.

And yet . . . I see nothing. (TM Col. Klink)

Demeur said...

Reminds me of the Spanish (Catholic) Inquisition. Repent and convert or we'll torture and kill you.

Angel Of Mercy said...

That's a gem, Darkblack; dead on the money.

Demeur: One of the things about the Spanish Inquisition which most offended me was that Torquemada--or whoever--would torture some poor shlub until they confessed to anything and everything...THEN kill them while they were "in the state of grace." That's what's known as a lose-lose situation...

Cleveland Bob said...

I got nuthin'.

...but fury and rage directed at them.

Michael Hart said...

Powerful image; eloquent prose, Db.
But it gives one pause to consider the 2,000 years between the two men crucified has been filled with just such atrocities; and yet, civilization plunges on, despite all the countless acts of terrorism against it.