Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Sweet Dreams, Neocons

Sweet Dreams, Neocons

Looks like America decided to take a pass on your death trip, chumps.

It's a new day.


VG said...

woot! looks like an Obama blowout.

But, my stomach is still in a knot about some House races.

Oh, yeah, uh, if you think the NeoCons are gonna go away, not. It's the "money party". And yanno we luvs our money in the great U S of A.

darkblack said...

They haven't gone away in over 80 years, VG...'A pig is a pig', so to speak.

Perhaps their stranglehold on the public discourse will slacken a bit now, creating a vacuum, and abhorrent nature being what it is some more enlightened values can come in and do the popcorn.


VG said...

I asked the checkout person at my local CVS if she had voted, and then we got into an abbreviated conversation, as it was clear we were on the same page.

She said "oh, a change is gonna come".

Not so much, I'm sorry say, b/c it looks like Obama lost GA, and I was thinking it would be a lot closer.

And, neocons are THE military-industrial complex (mucho $$ there), and they are not gonna lie down and die, w/o a hell of a fight.

Nonetheless, it looks like the Obama victory is a blowout. The ratfuckers couldn't steal it this time, despite their best efforts. That itself is worth some popcorn.


M.Yu said...

It will be an interesting shift. I am looking forward to it.

If only CEO's could voted out...

VG said...

p.s. db, I said to a great friend and very politically astute man on the phone "I hope the ratfuckers don't steal the election". He laughed hard, but was surprised by my language. (uh?)

I had thought that "ratfucker" or "ratfucking" was pretty much common usage, meaning political dirty tricks. Then again he doesn't frequent blogs.

I just went off to check out the term via teh google. I was surprised that there was not a complete definition in Urban Dictionary, which is the first place I looked.

Then, next stop, wiki. I got my creds now, venerable origin, from "All the President's Men" linky is

Yeh, I know you have already done yeoman's duty in responding to reader requests in the past, but, uh, hint, hint... ;) xxoo

darkblack said...

Now, what is it you wish to see exactly, VG?

After all, this is a family blog.


VG said...

p.s. happy dance here- Eric Massa won NY-29. One of the races that had my stomach tied in knots!

VG said...

db, well, hmmm... I will have to give that a bit more thought.... I think I could come up with/have the "concept" but, not your visual skills, nor the totality of your untoward imagination. like, I kinda see a very large rat, with er, some people at the nether end... yanno like a "what might have been scenario" just a kinda "off the cuff" first thought ;)

Phil said...

Hey, here is a DFH fist bump at ya.
Now we have to stomp the Ratfuckers back into the Eleventh century where they so desperately want to be.

darkblack said...

One might think that the rat would be the 'pitcher' as opposed to the 'catcher' in this unseemly activity, say with a partner like kousin Karl (whose father had quite the taste for jewelry)


VG said...

hey db, see, you are more expert than I am. I know bb, or at least I paid attention before the unseemly 1994 strike, but the wider application of the pitcher catcher thing has been beyond my ken... hmmm... I think it is starting to dawn... and on that note, I will saw gnite. Young minds to corrupt tomorrow, or, make that, later today. xxoo

snabby said...

Beautiful image, DB. Fuck those fearmongers, and let your freak flag fly.

Unknown said...

Kousin Karl can take a long walk on a very short pier...and take every friggin extremist with him.

Excellent graphic as always DB..bless you sir! ;)

zhakora said...

The b/g looks like it was done in Teirazon.

Very cool.

I see I have just discovered your blog when you have decided to move on. :-/

Best wishes.