Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bon chance, et adieu


In the wake of an historic election, I would like to congratulate America for a choice which may well mean the survival of all that we know.
It will mean hard, unceasing work and a strong test of your national character, but the potential rewards are galactic in scope.

Some may wonder how it was that I developed such a keen interest in America, and its politics.
At the risk of becoming unentertainingly autobiographical, allow me to fill in a few gaps.

My grandfather was American by birth, and there were family members who lived there. Consequently, unlike many Canadian children of my era, there wasn't a whole lot of anti-American table talk reinforced by the national inferiority complex.
America was a mystical land to me, where power and wealth resided and the 'big people' in my family visited frequently and pleasantly. I dreamed of perhaps living there someday.

I was 9 years old in the summer of Watergate. Per my latchkey child ways, I loved watching garbage daytime television...Soaps, game shows, whatever.
Not very discriminating, I know, but in the days of pre-cable TV you took what was offered.
Unfortunately for this idyll, the specter of preemption arose for my escapist fare, and the substitution was some boring courtroom-type thing where adults droned on and on over audiotapes filled with 'hanky panky'.

At first, I was dismayed...No Secret Storm, or The Price Is Right, or Bugs Bunny?

Oh, the humanity. But because there were only three channels in town, I watched...A young mind cast into a cauldron of high intrigue. And I became fascinated by the opened curtain on the corridors of power.

As a teenager and young adult, this interest in the tinkertoys of governance continued to grow. A voracious reader, I consumed Fear and Loathing On The Campaign Trail '72 by Hunter Thompson when I was 14, among other tomes on the political sciences...This certainly filled in some knowledge gaps in both my appreciation of American politics as well as the burgeoning drug culture of the times, a useful reference for what was to come.

As a traveling musician in the 80's and 90's, I spent a good deal of time in America, and in fact lived in L.A. for a time...One of the happier idylls in my hejira.
In fact,I almost remained in the U.S. as a permanent fixture - Not that I was disloyal to Canada per se, but in the entertainment field, then as now, you didn't really make it unless you made it in the States.

Opportunities were abundant, but a lifestyle (as opposed to a deathstyle) change was in order, and being a new father in a tempestuous relationship required that I find another trade to ply, one which would allow me to be a presence in my spouses and childrens lives, as opposed to a disembodied voice on a telephone calling from thousands of miles away or an epigrammatic postcard.

Sadly, this change was not for the better, and I began the 21st century with divorce, living in a shoebox with whatever personal goods I could salvage from a relationship torn asunder.
The classic quote: "I don't like men. I like to f*ck them, but I don't like them".
Thanks for not telling me that 10 years previously, wherever you ended up.

My instruments collected dust, and I filled the days with menial labor, another burned-out never-was who missed their shot at the brass hole. Then a friend, knowing my affinity for technology, gave me an old computer with which I could access the developing Internet.

Eleven years before, I would scoff at my roommates busily tap-tapping away on keyboards about the weather and people they hated - Now, alone in a coffin of my own choosing, I became one of those people, but instead of blathering on about rain or that asshole in the next cube over, it was current events and politics that captured my mind and clacking fingers...For example, the new American president who had obtained the post by lawyerly, as opposed to popular means, and his retinue of shady characters from the Reagan/Nixon eras. This passed the time while I attempted to heal the wounds on my psyche.

It took 9/11/01 to get me to play again. I was so shocked and distraught by that day, concerned for my long-distant friends living in the shadow of the Twin Towers and the senseless carnage provided by an unblinking eye under silent skies, that all I could do was cry out from my soul in the only way that ever made any sense to me.

After that...well, we all know what happened after that - The sort of malfeasant opportunism that anyone with a sense of history and political imperatives could have predicted, cloaked in cynically jingo-jangling chauvinism.

Predictable? Yes. Avoidable? No. Destiny rarely is.

It might surprise some of my readers to know that I do not make my living with computers in the graphic arts, or in any other form. I'm highly trained in many disciplines with no market potential, I suppose. When I first started working with Photoshop, there were few who mined this particular vein of expression, and now there are many more choosing to express themselves in this way.

'May your paths be strewn with thornless roses'

The concept behind this blog from its inception was to provide opinionated yet hopefully entertaining content, but unlike pundits receiving lucre for their gaseous exchanges a certain purity should be maintained - Aspiring merely to be a single opinion among many, with which one was free to disagree or agree as was their wont, and I have always been amazed and gratified that so many people have looked upon my works with a favorable eye.

To each one of you, I give my deepest thanks and hopes for a better tomorrow, not only in your personal lives but in the lives of all the peoples of the world. May it be so.

And now, I think it is time to move on.
Financial issues (the bane of many of you, I am sure) dictate that my attentions be focused elsewhere, perhaps permanently.
If I am fortunate enough to return in some fashion, I will...but if fate should dictate otherwise, then this blog will stand for whatever period as my meager testament to a thimbleful of time shared.




Fran said...

You had warned us, but I did not fully expect to see this.

What a post- thank you for your story,which I have now read numerous times in my reader, thinking about what I might possibly say.

Thank you is what I will say. For this today, which is extraordinary. Thank you for all that you have shared with us here on your blog.

Financial issues tug at me like many hands and I too must face this in some way.

Be well darkblack and as always- my gratitude.

I wish you good things.

Hmmm... verification word? Chilly. It feels that way with the thought of you not here.

Deep sigh.

Comrade Kevin said...

A fascinating account. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Unknown said...

It is with a heavy heart I read your words. It was wonderful to read of your life, as I have wondered mightily about you and your eclectic tastes in so many things.

You still maintain a distinct aura DB, and I will miss you but pray that you are happy and find fulfillment.

You have my email...please stay in touch...if only to say hello once in awhile my dear prince of a cohort. ;)

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Goodbye is too harsh, so I'll just say farewell. Come back when you can.

Bradda said...

You will be missed and nothing but the best of thoughts go your way. Thanks for all the laughs and grimmaces. Good luck DB!

Randal Graves said...

All the best to you. And don't worry, when the Dems do the inevitable fuckup, you'll be back in 2012.

splord said...


Phil said...


I just stocked up on extra Windex because I am constantly spewing my favorite beverage all over the monitor and keyboard whenever I visit your site.

Dude, I don't know what to say.

You have a wonderfully unique perspective and voice that so often nails a particular subject to the wall with a rusty Rail Road Spike.

You have constantly made my day by showing up at my place with a witty remark, for that I would like to say thank you, it means more than you know.

And who are we to turn to, who has the most horrible music videos at their finger tips like you?

Dude, it saddens me to hear this news.

I wish you the best of luck and maybe a winning lottery ticket, A royal flush and four aces when you least expect it.

Do not disappear my friend, there is internet access everywhere, drop by and say hello.

Especially after the tide has finally changed and there is a new sheriff in town.

Slainte my friend, I will tip one in your honor the minute I get back to the Rat Hole tonight.

Yer friend,


VG said...

oh. my. what a wonderful post in tone and details. I too read it several times. oh, db. I know you have to chart your own course, for the reasons you gave. But, you will be missed greatly by your friends and fans. You are "presence".

Your graphics are wonderfully astute, and of course have been the core element of your blog. But I, and trust others, wish you might be willing to post occasional updates as to your continuing adventures. A lot to ask, I suppose. But still...

SteveAudio said...

We'll be talking soon, amigo. Rest assured, your adoring public will clamor for more of your rich art.

Tengrain said...

You'll be back, They all come back.

You've been a pleasure and an inspiration, and though we have never met, I think we would be friends "in real life."

Happy trails to you,


Suzanne said...

peace be with you my friend

Cleveland Bob said...


I too am saddened by your departure but all things must pass. You will be missed by many.

A daily dose of your glib sprinklings made the day all the more bearable.

We are all in this existential struggle together and the electronic brotherhood of the innertubes we share is a glorious thing indeed.

And what a marvelous farewell you crafted. Thanks for that.

Be well my brother.

Much love mon ami,


M.Yu said...

We need you but you need you too...

I still want to have a showing of your prints here when the time is right. It will be quite a show! Let me know when you are ready.

Thanks for all your hard work. I understand the necessity of obligations elsewhere.

Stay in touch and keep those pixels flying!

reddyrooster said...

DB-- really sorry to see you go, but such is life. Hope we get to see more rockin' shit outta you again, but in the meantime, be well. Thanks for the insight, the laffs and the jazz.


watertiger said...

Ach, I read this with a heavy heart, DB.

Forever is a long time. Good luck with whatever you do, and remember that you now have friends around the world, thanks to your artistry.

Synthaetica said...

bah. missing you already. it has been more than an honor to be associated with you. i wish you the very, very best. safe travels, and safe future to you.

~Synthaetica/Commander Other

RC said...

We all share a common destiny.

My thoughts are with yours as yours are with ours.


Frederick said...

I'm not the commenting type too much any more, but I read your stuff everyday. I'm going to miss you, man.

Elliott said...

at least it will be safe to click on links again *winkin'*

driftglass said...

There will always be a light burning in the window for you, db. The absence of your wit and talent will leave very large hole.

D. said...

Here via Driftglass--don't think I ever came here, but your story moved me--just to say goodbye, and best of luck, and I hope you find your way back here sometime.

Also, the picture at "Sweet Dreams, Neocons"? Nice.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

Drifty sent me too, but I would have come anyway.

We love you, DB, and frankly I have more faith in art than I do in your resolve.

Your fingers will itch and you will retreat into your studio and make stuff.

Let us know when you do. xoxo

Rehctaw said...

Better days to you and yours. Drop us a dithering or two in your travels.

Random db is a much better expectation than Cold Turkey.

Reality bites. You made that less so.
And funny too. You will be missed.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'll try to be brief DB. I'm not so good at that.

Hell of a story, hell of a ride you been on. It goes on. That's the good part! *G*

So best to you and any of yours. Do well and be well.

But of import to me, here, on this occasion? Thanks so much for all the work you shared with us, those little pieces of self thrown out into the toobz to be rendered upon by so many . . . you did good, each and every bit of your self you shared. Thanks. Hell of a gift to us all, hoss.

And last, I'm now a bit sad. First, Opus and Berkeley, now you. I hope yer sleeping with the rabbits, as Opus is, snuggled in and blowing daisies on a hilltop with Binkley on sunny days.

Sniff. And yes, you will be missed.

Best to ya hoss. Thanks for the gifts.

Lainey said...

Such awesome talent. Your images cut right to the bone.

Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your background. Will miss ya. Wishing you all the best. Peace.

Anonymous said...

DB, you will be missed. Let us know when you decide to come back.

Unknown said...

Humbled, as always. Front porch light on... and honored to be "first in a series..."

Be well

(Dr. Bong)

Freida Bee said...

I'm not international without you, Darkblack.

fahrender said...

hey, db! i hope you still keep poppin' up at FDL. it's been real ....

Santa Rosa New School Aikido said...

db: Your work is matchless. I'll miss it. Hope to you around the toobz. Best wishes for this next chapter and thank you for all the laughs.

TeddySanFran said...

You are a man?

Coulda fooled me.

Good luck in whatever endeavour you next find yourself, sir.

And thank you for many, many, many moments of joy amidst the darkness

Caveat said...

Hang tough man, as only we Canucks can do.

If you need a cause, we've got a good one.

I hope you'll be back.

bjkeefe said...

I'll miss you. Good luck. Come back sometime, if you get a chance -- I'll keep the feed open.

Fran said...

Since I left the first comment, it was something to come back and see what has been said since.

I do hope you will take care of yourself in the way in which you need to... but I also wish that you will come back, even if only intermittently.

Peace brother!

PhysioProf said...

Peace, and good wishes, bro!

Karen said...

Mixed emotions ensuing...

We have Barack but lost you, Darkblack.


Thank you for sharing your talent.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Words fail me. May all good things light your way.

zoe said...

thank you for what you have given.

ellroon said...

Big hugs, darkblack. Something will happen that will make you need to come back and create another one of your breathtaking photoshops.... until then, be happy and be safe!

Oilfieldguy said...

You will be greatly missed. Sometimes a picture is better than a thousand blogs.

zencomix said...

I, too, was 9 years old in The Summer of '74.

I hope it all works out for you so you have the time for whatever art/music you pursue...

Max said...

Your brothers in Max and the Marginalized respectfully reject your resignation. If you think you're leaving my Google Reader, you've got another thing coming.

But seriously, if this is farewell, you've been an inspiration to us and many others (but really sincerely, ESPECIALLY us, who sort of strove to be a musical equivalent of your blog, and who decided that what we were doing must be more worthwhile than we had thought it was, because you liked it.)

See you soon,
Max / Dave / Jon

Distributorcap said...

oh boy

i have been way to busy to read - and now i come to this

i cannot thank you enough for making me smile when i needed to smile and laugh when i needed to -- you are a true mensch.

and i wish only success for you in all you -- you deserve it

sorry i am so late to this goodbye