Friday, May 09, 2008

CanCon Friday - Crowbar

My American friends would probably have heard of this band in an osmotic fashion - Through the use of its signature tune Oh, What A Feeling by the execrable Rush Limbaugh as a show theme...But there's far more to the story than that.

Crowbar arose from the next cohesive unit forged on the anvil of the mighty Ronnie Hawkins after the entity that became known as The Band left to seek their own fortune, and were apocryphally named by the Hawk upon their own departure as being capable of 'f*cking up a crowbar' viola, c'est nomme de musique.

Along with such partners in crime as Richard Jewell, a/k/a master harmonica player King Biscuit Boy, they blended an eclectic mix of blues, Rock & Roll, folk and whatever else they could swipe from the motel on their way out the door to the next town.

Keep an eye out for Kelly Jay and the rest of the boys, should you get an infrequent chance to catch a reunion - you won't be disappointed.


Unknown said...

You, sir...will be surprised to learn that I am familiar with these guys,their history and connections. I wasn't familiar with how they got their name however.

I am SO proud of myself right now ;p

darkblack said...

As well you should be, Dusty.