Friday, February 29, 2008

Bet You Can't Pick Just Once

Pick Your Moment

Recently, many of my compatriots in online discourse have been 'awarded' by their peers for perceived excellence in blogging, and in turn have passed on these awards to others that they feel deserving of such accolades.

I was singled out by some for these laurels (perhaps undeservedly so, in my opinion) and have noted that upon receiving one's award the individual is entreated to 'pay it forward' as it were...but I find myself constitutionally incapable of singling out a handful when all whom I know (and so many that I do not) are deserving of greater attention by the world at large.

Therefore, in the interests of fairness (and search engine recognition) I commend to you my blogroll, presented in no order of excellence, save that they are all excellent...One which has grown by leaps and bounds in the previous months, and will hopefully continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

  • Dependable Renegade

  • TwoTonGreenBlog

  • SteveAudio

  • Colorado Bob

  • This Free Nation

  • iVoryTowerz

  • The Unapologetic Mexican

  • LitBrit

  • My Mind Is Going

  • Its my Right to be Left of the Center

  • Humor Has It

  • Gorilla's Guides

  • Digby's Hullabaloo

  • driftglass

  • DownWithTyranny!

  • Evergreen Politics

  • Majikthise

  • Blue Gal

  • Mock, Paper, Scissors

  • the otherwhirled

  • FranIAm

  • Monkey Muck

  • Left Of Centrist

  • Blue Daze

  • Kirby

  • Rants From The Rookery

  • Media Needle

  • Boxer Rebellion

  • Ice Station Tango

  • Zaius Nation

  • Namaste'

  • Ornery Bastard

  • make-a-(green)plan

  • distributorcap NY

  • TRex

  • Napman57

  • Cogitamus

  • Cap'n Dyke

  • Freida Bee

  • Skippy TBK

  • Yikes! - BAC

  • Comrade Kevin

  • The Culture Ghost

  • The Jade Gate

  • The Aristocrats

  • Progressive Alaska

  • Last Left Turn Before Hooterville

  • WTF Is It Now?

  • Happy Jihad's HOP

  • PhysioProf

  • Jonestown

  • Daily Dia "Tribe"

  • The Sirens Chronicles

  • I Was Just Wondering

  • ex-lion tamer

  • The Dean's Office

  • Firedoglake

  • Crooks And Liars

  • All most worthy, and all worth a moment or two of one's time.



    Synthaetica said...

    aw, shucks. thanks very much. i keep finding new blogs every time one of us does this. which is a drag, because i DO try to click around a lot!

    Anonymous said...

    C'est bien an' well met, DB...a low bow with leg extended for th'fine honour.

    M.Yu said...

    Much appreciated DB!
    You are a fount of inspiration and humor

    Deborah Newell said...

    Thank you, kind sir. I must now do likewise, huh?

    It presents me with the same dilemma, though. *sigh*

    Okay, off to ponder this a bit.

    katecontinued said...

    You are a prince. Thank you so very much. As litbrit says, I must do likewise, huh?

    Comrade Kevin said...

    Yay! I made the list!

    *jumps for joy*

    Those are some mighty fine blogs, all of 'em.

    Freida Bee said...

    Why is there not more Anne Murray here?

    Thank you, Darkblack.

    Dr. Zaius said...

    Ack! I got another one!

    Synthaetica said...

    heh. they're contagious, Dr. Z!

    Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

    I humbly accept this honor.

    Karen said...


    You rock!! :o)

    Unknown said...

    You say wonderful things about us yet put up a graphic of Rover? is a good graphic howevah! ;p