Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bungle O'Bill

Bungle O'Reilly


Unknown said...

Don't you think he pulls this shit to GET attention? He can't be THAT fuckwitted.

darkblack said...

Certainly, Dusty...proffering 'red meat' commentary for his reactionary demographic is good for short-term business - However, he forgot to deem his hosts 'well spoken', an oversight which I'm sure he will rectify as soon as he is capable.


Swampcracker said...

Is seems O'Really has that rare form of hoof-n-mouth disease -- highly elastic hoof-n-mouth disease. Even when he tries to say something magnanimous, he manages to offend, and his foot springs right back into his mouth again … fwap! Without doubt, he is the biggest buffoon on Faux News.