Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day By Day, We Slowly Fade Away

The Public Enema

You may have noticed the lack of ads on this blog. Or not.


I'm a good capitalist - I don't begrudge folks making money (or giving me any...wink wink), but as the pieces I display here are created at my sole editorial discretion, and can be problematic for some viewers why would I wish to inhibit their commerce from those who might take offense...?

Better to keep my creations self-financed.

One such picture is not to be found here...However there are many places where one may view it.

I put forth a humorless display, and was repaid in kind.
It was not released as I would have perhaps chosen, thus consigning it to a most unfortunate circumstance indeed...if even any other fate could have been considered.

Yet the consequences are my own, as the creator.

I do have a philosophical problem with getting paid to squeeze a joke out of the same concept, however.

As I have self-referenced before, ebogjonson is the author of a most informative chart by which one can determine suitability for such an enterprise.

A path of thorns strewn with philosophical landmines galore for the foolhardy and blinkered, indeed.

And I believe that dabbling in blackface renderings for a cheap laugh to an elect cabal for money will find the progress for their bigoted efforts on such a chart more than a trifle truncated.

I will not criticize the artist, paid as he is from willing sources for his work, except to offer en passant that more attention seems to be lavished on attempts at witty repartee to the detriment of the pictorial content, for what that may be worth.

I always find that regrettable, when espied in a visual medium.

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Gary Dauphin said...

Having participated in the aforementioned repayment in kind, I have to say that I'm almost grateful for the whole incident, as it helped me get to know you and your work better.

Also, I have to second your intiution that there's a connection between Day-by-Day's formal crappiness and overall lack of clue.

Thanks for thinking seriously about this!