Thursday, March 08, 2007


~Awarded for conspicuous exertions in douchebaggery~

The creative among us know that the Internet (to use an ungainly metaphor) is like a freshly burst giant pinata, spewing its copious contents big willy-nilly style while the children below it merrily glom up all the dirt covered treasures that their little hands can carry.

Unfortunately for the human race, some of these children are less scrupulous than others about how some such treasures come into their possession, whether through greed, missed backgrounders on manners, or another unnamed nefarious cause.

Thus, when one finds out about the thieving ways of others, one is obliged to point it out, if for no other reason than the due diligence of maintaining an unbroken public record of the offence.

And so today, I give you Perez Hilton, internet celebrity tattletale - and the first entry into darkblack's 'Ripofficer Hall of Shame'.

Apparently, pending lawsuits have done little to readjust his thinking in these matters.

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A word of advice to those who might follow his wayward path...The simple expedient of asking permission, and subsequently linking back to the originator's works where available does tend to minimise headaches in these matters.

A laurel, and hearty handshake to the mighty TRex of Firedoglake for pointing out this offender's shameful act to me.


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