Thursday, December 21, 2006

There are some who might wonder why I have not been around where I might have been found previously.

The answers available for public consumption are both prosaic, and complex...I have far less time available to me of late, and must choose how and where to spend it as empirically as possible.

Family, and work demands, dictate that the narrow degree of moments remaining for self-expression be used in a fashion most pleasing to the self, minimising my ability to render 'commissioned' works for others.
This I do regret, but my landlord steadfastly refuses to accept what scant praise of myself that is to be found on the 'internets' as legal tender.

Shocking, I know


And...there are issues of 'personal deportment'.

When individual and collective interest in another ebbs for reasons that only they can state, and the subjective desire to explore such inclinations is scant, only a fool or a masochist remains ...and I am determinately neither.

Pester not, and be not pestered.

Vade in pace


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