Saturday, December 04, 2010

Zappadan 2010


Much of how I feel about FZ has been elucidated before within this blog - therefore, no need to beat a baby seal with a lead-filled snowshoe, except to offer that the concept of twining humor and serious (read: not contrived pop fluff or blue men playing the whites) music appeared bewhiskeredly corny to me until being exposed to his oeuvre...And in turn, being exposed to the insurmountable constellation of influences, peers, and disciples therein and thereabouts, which not only made me a subjectively better musician - but a better listener, as well.

So thanks from those of us still trapped on this sad, dirty rock floating in space to you all in the cosmic whatsis, Frank.



Randal Graves said...

I think I'm the only person on the internets who doesn't own a single Frank Zappa album. :)

darkblack said...

That's your hard-core communism at work, Randal. Resist alien orifices!


Laura said...

Well, I don't have any Zappa tunes either but I do like his stuff.
In a world filled with so much *yawn, been there, heard that* already .. he truly was an original.


darkblack said...

And that brings up an interesting point, Laura - One needn't be a Zappa 'music consumer' to appreciate his philosophies (while not necessarily being in full agreeance with them, as is a thinking person's right)...and conversely one needn't be a philosophical fellow traveler, or even remotely interested in the raw compositive 'data stuff' used such as politics, American civics and various 'human interest stories' to enjoy selected aspects of his musical output.

Very few - OK, probably none - of the other noted composers of the 20th century occupy those two spaces contemporaneously within the tender psyches of their listeners.


J said...

TBH I'm not always down with Z's ca-ca-humor stuff, but FZ's musick, especially the instrumental/jazzy stuff, still entertains and impresses me, as do the musicians he worked with (ie, the Underwoods, in particular). Aging is a drag.

Feliz Z-dan, db

darkblack said...

Aging is a drag...but fortunately music is timeless, J.

There are several epochs of FZ's output that I don't have much listening regard for in spite of their other attributes, also - mostly to do with the (IMO) somewhat 'inorganic' feels (read: tweezed to perfection) of his latter-day combos, blessed with talent as they were...and the sophomoric 'humor bits' that might have elicited a minor chuckle on first pass long ago haven't aged well.

That said, I'll take what is offered from FZ's catalog over the hype of the month or some other insincere atrocity with as much good graces as can be mustered.


mark hoback said...

Merry Zappadan, darkblack.

darkblack said...

Mr. Hoback! A Merry Zappadan to you, as well.


zencomix said...


T_P_K said...


darkblack said...

ZC - 聖 糞 !

Terry - Hotcha!


Cleveland Bob said...

Happy Zappadan, db.

darkblack said...

CB! A Happy Zappadan to you and yours as well.


Fran / Blue Gal said...

Happy Zappadan! and Randall is NOT the only one. :)

xoxo Darkblack to you and yours

Fran / BG

darkblack said...

Zappadan felicitations to you also, BG.