Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Opal, You Hot Little Link

All The Way, That's The Way They Go

TenGrain over at MPS (the one-stop shop for snark) has been studying the phenomenon.

Brady Bonk at KIAV is the phenomenon...More true believers like this, please.

Good god, Rehctaw played the Boy Wonder card. Evil genius, harumph!

IranianRedneck brings us a Zappadan Miracle clad in easter hay.

Brown shoes don't make it...and neither does Man-Tan and Tanqueray tears, over at Mr. Mark Hoback's Fried Green al-Qaedas. Disrespect fits Boehner like a shrink-tubing rubber shirt, it seems.

J at Contingencies spins some FZ that would be harder than your husband to handle for those unappreciative of the symphonious muse, or uncultured motherf**kers if you prefer.

ZC goes to Centerville and steals the towels.

The Brain Police bring us the ritual of the Black Napkins (atra rituali sudaria).

Words of wisdom, no fooling.

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Now back to my 28-hour day, in progress



J said...

Grazi db.

Your previous fusion YTs quite copacetic. Jaco n Wayne Joe Z 4- ever--that said WR was..up n down. But when they were on, what a monsta groove. Joe at times produced a nearly pure gospel jazz tone-- makes one think of religion or something, at least for a few nanoseconds.

zencomix said...

I'll pay for those towels, let me just go sign a post dated third party out of state travelers check that I keep in the glove box, and I usually sit in the car while I sign travelers checks...

Laura said...

Alright. That was a lot of reading-and listening-but that's okay! ;p

The two that really stand out (for me) were J @ Contingencies link and The Words of Wisdom link.
Somehow, with my limited brain power (believe me.. there's not much going on up there) I was able to grasp what J's post was saying. :)
As for the words of wisdom video. I'm not sure how I feel about what he said. I'm partly appalled, partly in agreement.
I think I'm appalled BECAUSE I agree and it scares me that I have that in me. I don't want to be cynical and I try very hard not to be.

Great post, as always!

P.S. I told RL to piss off but by that time, PMS had passed and I'm not nearly as effective. ;p

Cleveland Bob said...

Great work keeping everyone abreast of posts and events as they develop, db.

You're like the Merv Griffin of Zappadan!

darkblack said...

Gah! Don't make me show you my linings, CB.


J said...

Thanks, Sunshine

Dupree's Paradise may be one of FZ's most successful classical pieces (to these ears). Boulez's version is very crisp and he and the Ensemble get the complex rhythmic parts (as most other symphonies haven't). The urban symphony snobs play West Side story medleys, Goishwin or Sinatra even--why not Zappa.


Cleveland Bob said...

Ha! Great clip. db. I always loved his Merv. Jerry Todd may have been my all time Moranis fave, tho.