Friday, December 10, 2010

Shadow down on the sun big brown

Apologies for not being consistently interactive of late...RL insists that I modify my life to a daily 28-hour clock for the next couple of weeks, or else.

Tell 'em about it, Captain.

run run run run



Laura said...

Hmmmm, I don't know who or what this RL is but you just let me deal with them. (pms rages on...) I'll have those 28 hour days whittled down to 6, just like that for ya. ;p

Anyhoo, I've never heard of this dude before and I'm not sure how I feel about him yet. I read a bit about him and he sounded like a spoiled a-hole. PMS-Laura aka Laurazilla, cannot tolerate those types. :)
So I will reserve my opinion until after "Aunt Flo" puts in her appearance.


J said...

Xmass muzack.

Greatnumber, db

darkblack said...

RL = real life, Laura. Even P power can't stop that clock.

For myself, I'm appreciative of the Captain and his bands, and the broader concept of artistic evolution in an environment where individualism is encouraged in general as well.

Of course it never lasts, and like FZ, not everything's a winner (and don't get me started on what happens when money comes into it) but the objective is to try, and do.

Was it the bell tree that did it, J.?


J said...

Doc VV in the swamp, with his cot, lookin' for a clear spot. Buzzy. The Clear Spot takes demonstrate that the Magic band and DVV could f-ing rock as well as any Brit. junkies did, and yet also play unique free-jazz meets Bartok via Howlin wolf musick as well, with DVV's swamp-surrealist lyrics on top of it. Actually I prefer the later Beefheart of like Doc at the Radar Station to the Trout Mask Replica era, in ways (the Fowler Bros helped out, as did cleaner recordings).

Same for FZ and MoI for that matter. The moptops were sort of ... freaked out, I wager. Once they sort of depart from the greasy LA R n B, FZ and the MoI created a rather innovative rock-jazz (wouldn't exactly call it fusion, tho'...cousins), quite different than the usual Stones-Beatless yaya stuff. Uncle Meat's no musick hall ditties, or another rip off of Muddy Waters, etc --tho Zappa could play some mean street blues when he wanted to as well. Or somethin' like that.

microdot said...

I saw the captain in detroit when he opened for the kinks! they made their entrance on the rising stage with a funky beat up cadillac.
I still have the clear vinyl sleeve that this record was originally packaged in...
for my money, Lick My Decals Off is the Captain at his finest..but there was so much more...

darkblack said...

Indeed there was...and is, microdot.