Friday, December 17, 2010

Cuz you finally paid your bills

Fly free and strong, Captain.

Requiescat in pace


Laura said...

Incredible music. I love it.
So sad that he is gone too soon...


J said...

Bienvenidos a
surrealist paradise, Doc--
Andre Breton, Dali,
beautiful exotic dames
Eric Dolphy FZ
many other
greet your arrival.

zencomix said...


darkblack said...

Via con dios, Bloodshot Rollin' Red.


microdot said...

I woke upo this morning to find messages on my blog informing me of Van Vliets disappearance, as we say in France.
I hope Frank and Don are back together again eating pineapple buns stolen from Dan's fathers bakery delivery truck holed up in Dons room listening to Howlin Wolf.......
Very few other artists have had such a profound influence on my life and esthetic. I was exposed to him at the age of 17 when my brain was being preseasoned using Adolph's Brain Tenderizer in Detroit.

J said...

Funeral Hill quite a rarity--his little walter amplified harp-monica wailin' quite krayzee eh.

Another early CB on harp klassic--Plastic factory