Monday, December 06, 2010

Isn't It Swell?

FZ, The Texas Hotel Medley, 1988.


Laura said...

Started to listen but quickly realized it may not be a great choice with the kiddies all around. ;p
The second snowday (without a flake of snow to be seen may I add) in a row here. So yes ... my kids have had a 4 day weekend.
Let's just call it "Day 2 Laura,Suicide Watch". :)

I'm off to bake a chocolate cake and hum F.Z. and his changed Beatles cover... ;p

P.S. Hopefully, (if it isn't snowing somewhere in Canada, and my kids are actually in school).. I'll be back tomorrow to listen to the song!

darkblack said...

Ha! Well, some kiddies Laura?

I'll try to find something a little less tot-challenging for your snowbound self tomorrow.


J said...

Picture a whore... with welts all over her bod

Heh heh. Jim and Tammy Bakker, y putas at a Texass Motel via the Beatles done by FZ & pals. Yeah not so kiddie-friendly, except maybe as a warning about...clergymen.

You tube has a few interesting bits by Don Preston--a bit underrated as the MoI's keyboardist, IMHE--and at times DP played a fairly wicked Tammy Bakker