Friday, December 17, 2010

Pasting and pooting and whizzing all the day

Frank And Beans

Get over to The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing and educate yourselves, if you've got any guts.

'...Just walked away and left it squealing.' Is there any other way, really?

The grunion are running!

MPS gives us a gem from the days of...Guffaw - literate television.

Cheezopeeza...? Good Gah, extra anchovies on mine!

Everyone is Zappa, thanks to the good folks at Urantian Sojourn.

'Hey, have a nice weekend, guy'


1 comment:

J said...

Even the white supremacists and mormons are into Beefheart these days, db: as with the NASA-lovin' honkeys of "New Worlds", led by one "byronius" of Sacto, Schwarzenegger crony, frat boy and LDS member, and his phoenix crony hick- Tweek harbor, and McAppliantology.

MITT ROMNKEY?? Sad. Tho rumors are even Drumbo has...joined a fundamentalist church. Gimme dat old time religion