Friday, December 03, 2010

No marigolds in the promised land

Steely Dan, King Of The World, 1973.


Laura said...

Well now.
This song is making my housework light today! :)
I love to do a little dance as I go along. (the kids would be horrified if they were home, no doubt!)

Love the picture on the video of the sun going down over the mountain. Yesterday afternoon I was driving home and looked in my rear view mirror. The sun setting behind me caught my eye and I couldn't look away. I almost got into an accident! :P
I kept looking back at it .. so beautiful.


darkblack said...

With such a lovely description offered I hesitate to tell you what the song is about, Laura.


J said...

Great number

sort of post-nuke sci-fi fusion.

(maybe the annual spin of FZ/mothers' Big Swifty, db)

darkblack said...

J - good to see your pixels again, and blessings for Zappadan.