Thursday, February 03, 2011

Without A Lost And Found

Max Webster, Blue River Liquor Shine, 1980.


Cleveland Bob said...

The pride of Sarnia, ON!

As an aside, db, I'd like to submit a request for some form of commemorative digital rendering from you to celebrate/denigrate this weekend's Reaganpalooza.

Many of us would love to see your take on things.

Thanks to you!


Laura said...

Love Max Webster.
An old boyfriend gave me a mixed tape (back in the day-of course)and there was a Max Webster song on it that I've never been able to find again. I don't remember the title but the lyrics went something like...
"When was it, I last saw you was it Spring along the beach? And you answered all my questions with words I could not reach..."
That's all I remember and I'm not sure if they are even right on. :)

I just remember listening to that song over and over-my favorite on the tape. I loved it more than I did the guy....
Thanks for bringing back a nice memory. :)


darkblack said...

Well, CB, as you can see I have taken your kind suggestion to heart - I had forgotten how Reagan was a touchstone for some of my excursions. Ta for the prodding.

If you liked that memory, Laura, you'll probably like this one too. Thank you.


Laura said...

I can't believe you found it! :)
I LOVE it!!
Thanks so much. You've made my day.