Monday, February 14, 2011

M-O-O-N, That spells FOX


Apologies for my dilatory contribution to the piled-on swarm of the sentient upon this virtual shanty-dweller - The siren song of RL and all that - but late as it were here I am, and frankly I remain gobstruck that willful pig-ignorance is so easily maintainable in the public as a vote getting stratagem proffered by the cynical toward the gullible, of course.

Now, now, Bill-O - Have you heard that old saw about 'when you're in a hole, quit digging, chucklenut'...? Oh, wait:

"Why the Sun comes up and goes down"...? What a peculiarly medieval mindset this double-stuffed bloviator proffers, and what a charming mirror of his bundle-of-contradictions constituency he remains.

Why a world-renowned physicist would deign to explain remedial 6th grade science - without (snicker*chortle) interruption (guffaw*teehee) - in an environment where long technical explanations delivered via voice synthesizer are as welcome as a Kayne West video - Methinks the deity herself might be challenged to clarify that conundrum in a fashion that even a FOX set of chattering teeth might comprehend without needing a strategically placed drool cup.

That said, no doubt a suitable barber could be found for performing a mild degree of trepanning to 'let the sunshine in'...and the whiskey fumes out.



T_P_K said...

Db— most of us know that O'Really suffers from a large dwarf that lives in his stomachs (he has more than one— how else could he, yes, wait for it— stomach himself) and still we work hard to pony-up a modicum of compassion for one of the saddest fucks on fox tee wee. I for one am going to consider stopping the loofah ridicule. The guy clearly has gourd issues.

Rehctaw said...

Don't you feel dirty now? And not just a little dumber for the effort?

Fluffing the bottom third of the human bell curve for his masters and brethren of the opposite world elite, IS BO's stock in trade.

His sideshow shill act and its ceaseless, pointless reverberations IS the Faux News strategy.

That's how Opposite World functions and sustains its strangehold on human progress.

zencomix said...

That "President Shot Dead" headline in the background is no accident!