Friday, February 25, 2011

My love goes deeper than sin

Johnny Winter, Can't You Feel It, 1973.


Blogger The Ex-Wiz said...

I love this guy. And Edgar.

And White Trash.

Yes, that's the only white trash I actually like.


11:09 AM  
OpenID marknesop said...

I love Johnny Winter. And Edgar - Ronnie Montrose was a phenomenal guitarist; where'd those guys go?

This is a funny-ass blog, too; love the Bill O'Reilly mockery. Very well written.

4:44 PM  
Blogger darkblack said...

Ex-Wiz - Good to see your pixels again. Indeed, there's only one good kind of White Trash and that's the kind with the brothers Winter.
marknesop - Thank you very much, and welcome.
Sad to say, the Music Industry chooses gross profit over great talents far too readily - My fervent hope is that the younger generations of musicians will cast aside their insecurities and indoctrinations...and someday rise up where they belong, alongside such legendary musicians.


11:08 AM  

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