Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Even a blind pig can find a tasty nugget now and again

Glenn Pick

Oh, look who wants to pick a fight...with the wrong person.

News flash, Beck - Jane Hamsher didn't make or commission that graphic to be made, I made it.
She merely used it, without permission - once, on Huffington Post - and pulled it the same day.

Radical Right wing propagandists of your ilk have been hosting that image on continuous display for years. Score one for your side and wipe it on the wall, chump.

Frankly, I don't think I have much to discuss in terms of decorum with some TV dramedian who holds rather fanciful notions regarding race and American history...Do you?



Tengrain said...

Context is everything, isn't it?

Sweet Jeebus, I think you've suffered enough, and I'm really sorry that you get to relive that controversy.

Beck can eat a bag of lightly salted poisoned rat penises.



zencomix said...

Some people say that Glenn Beck raped and murdered a girl. It's true, I've heard some people say it!

Michael Hart said...

Does this mean it's time to do a contest for the best Beck in black-face?

Bradda said...

Keep up the fight and good work.

zencomix said...

Glenn Beck, at a stereotypical showbiz dressing room mirror, mirror lined with lightbulbs, and he's putting his Whiteface on his white face.

and Krusty the Klown is in there somewhere.

Phil said...

You are still the King baby, we got yer back.
Fuck Glenn Beck, the dude is shit house rat crazy.

Cleveland Bob said...

That Leiberman photo was a beauty, db. I remember it well.

I just lurve it when Glenn plays all dumb and smirky don't you? BTW, who is that tawt from the NR. His pronunciation of "bona fides" was hilarious. What a tool...

Randal Graves said...

I'm offended by people who are offended.

Fran / Blue Gal said...

I'm sorry if you're feeling any negativity, DB, but honestly, I find it so funny that it's all about her and not you. That is, um, rather typical of those in question.

You're a wonderful artist, the end. xo

darkblack said...

They want it to be about her, Fran - a simplistic demonization strategy for purposes of misdirection away from the painful truth of the Liebermans and their sketchy entanglements.
I'm rather unimportant to the whole process then as now, quite frankly.

Thank you all for your kind words. To sum up, my current involvement in this affair is exclusively for purposes of clarity regarding the provenance of a creation that retains a rather unseemly temptation for Right-wing propagandists to display without permission.
Should they wish (as they evidently do) to continue using my work to marginalize others, the minor consequences that I have to offer them will be maintained with good cheer.


M.Yu said...

Your eye, skill and wit will continue to reverberate around the sphere.

I love that one, I am proud to say.

Like Beck is the friend of any minorities or their plight. He is a dipshit.

You, however, are one the finest political and social artists/satirists of our time.

Distributorcap said...

db --- you always have my attention and support...

Padre Mickey said...

Kick hims ass, Darkblack!