Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday Overnight

Lester Young, Bill Harris, Ray Brown, Buddy Rich, & Hank Jones laying it down like it's meant to be on a jam, joined by Harry 'Sweets' Edison, Flip Phillips, and the great Ella Fitzgerald...Who gets a tune of her own below, Sunshine Of Your Love, with the Tommy Flanagan trio, 1969.


Anonymous said...

Geebuz, cut One is killin me.


Anonymous said...

Oh Wait.

Youtube says, there's some Yardbird in this?

Charlie Parker? Ya Know?

Anonymous said...

Killin me. Just killin me.

Dayamn!!! *G*

darkblack said...

The uploader mislabelled the vid, L. - "No Parker for you!"


Unknown said...

Thanks for the Ella m'dear DB ;)

M.Yu said...

Yours is such a comfortable swinging Jazz lounge, always a pleasure to bop on by...

Ella always!

I also found the Wiki on MacIssac interesting.
Talking kink to the press is ballsy.

"Helter's Celtic" what a great name for an album!