Thursday, March 20, 2008


Sling It Again Dick


So what if I selected myself with a knowing wink when asked to recommend someone in the number 2 slot who could keep an oedipally conflicted figurehead from looking unpresidential?

So what if I secretly met with Oil and Energy executives, generous donors to my campaign all, to formulate a plan that would fleece the consumers more effectively without bothering the public about the details?

So what if I have mobile industrial paper shredders visit my residence at taxpayer expense to deal with masses of inconvenient documents related to my activities which, even though I ostensibly work for the people, I deem that they have no right to know about?

So what if I shot some lawyer in the face when I'd been drinking, got caught trying to hush it up, then pulled some strings and had him apologise to me?

So what if I told my trusted dogsbody to release classified information against U.S. law to the press in order to smear someone who was tasked with providing reliable information to the CIA on verifiable threats, just to get back at her husband who had revealed an element of our chicanery?

So what if I lied...again...and again...and again, right to all of your faces?

So what if when I was defense secretary, I helped downsize the American military so that it couldn't cope effectively with a multiple conflict scenario, just in time to involve it with one?

So what if the company that I used to C.E.O. for gets all the no-bid military outsourcing contracts it can handle while I get richer by the second from it?

So what if people think that whether through omission or commission I left the door open for our enemies to attack us one Fall day?

So what if I don't think I'm part of the Executive branch, but a law unto myself, and subject to no external review or control?

So what if I knew that the various premises for going to war with a foreign country was bogus, but I fast-tracked the rush to conflict anyway?

Do you really think I care that a majority of Americans wanted out of Iraq in 2006, and even more now...and don't want a conflict with Iran?

So goddamn what?

Why don't you ask Pat Leahy how I feel about you all?

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Unknown said...

Damn DB..this is even more awesome than the post about how fucked up Americans are.

If only there was a cell reserved for this fuckwit at the Hague..if only.

Dr. Zaius said...


Distributorcap said...

DB ---- i am waiting for the movie version

So! The Movie

kind of sums up everything that is wrong with america huh?