Sunday, March 09, 2008

'In order to dream you gotta still be asleep'

Bummer Wave

As public outrage and contempt over the ham-handed malfeasance of the last 8 years of American Empire Lite commingles with the tentative hope that after January 2009 the nightmares will fade away like hazy black mist, and we will all awaken to a new 'new morning in America', there are more than a few signs that this too is but a fleeting gossamer dream, irrespective of how the worm turns or not this November.

From Watergate, where America blinked and allowed an insider successor of a failed president to give pardons and control of incriminating documents and recordings back to a malefactor ripe with incipient dreams of unquestioned power...

To Iran-Contra, where a president in the early stages of mental breakdown relinquished control of his office to a shadow government filled to bursting with 'neat ideas', that not only committed treason against the United States (by selling arms to a rogue nation and using the profits to finance an outlawed foreign conflict, with the added 'value' of putting more illicit drugs on American streets than ever before), but also stalled criminal proceedings against itself long enough to...wait for it...grant pardons to all the major players under indictment as a firewall against the taint reaching to the highest places...

To the shabby little dogwagging skirmishes, incipient police state development and winking 'business as usual' of the Clinton 90's, in tandem with self-righteous elected hypocrites whipping themselves and the credulously suggestive members of the populace into a petulant media tantrum over marital infidelities and parsed words while the real bad news passed stealthily under the populace's radar, this era then being brought to a weak denoument by yet more pardons of questionable dealings and associates.

And so here we are. 2008. The final year of George W. Bush's and Richard V. Cheney's co-presidential epoch on behalf of corporate enrichment and population enslavement through greed, gross exploitation of the appalling national ignorance of and bias against a nation's own laws, and fear of the unfamiliar world beyond their quivering noses.

Perhaps it is the final year, or perhaps not...Perhaps, with the Democratic-controlled legislative branch preparing to imminently capitulate to an Executive branch demand for telecom immunity (a patent farce if ever there was one, considering that all existing laws allowed this administration to pursue threats to the state handily and with retroactively issued permission, provided that they could show grounds to a friendly court for that pursuit), we see the final step of insulation against prosecution, along with the corruption of the Justice Department (through seeding it with zealots and complicit types), wanton destruction of evidence even after being legally ordered to desist, and the appointment of approving minds to the highest courts of the land - and now perhaps yet another terror event for purposes of outcome control, midwifed through self-interested officials looking conveniently the other way, need not come to pass. Perhaps.

We see before us a population only now struggling to come awake from their fatuous slumber because their subjective interests are being threatened by someone and something even more rapaciously ignorant and greedy than themselves.

And so they seek a champion, someone who will give them hope, someone who will help them to forget the monster they brought into being, whether actively or passively, and bring back the lazy warm feelings inside such as a kitten might get from rolling in a sunbeam.

Horseshit. Pure fucking horseshit.

Just like a child cannot have ice cream at dinner until the peas and carrots are finished, a nation can't have the good times back until the hard work of rebuilding is accomplished.

And I would say this to you, each and every one of you Americans:

Unless you can develop and foster the collective majority will to root out all of these malfeasants, from the Executive office on down, and clean house using the laws of the land that have been so recklessly flouted in the last decade...Then you are a failed nation.
And you will be eventually assimilated by more resolute nations who do not share your weaknesses and lack of purpose, if they have not already made substantial inroads in doing so.

That is your fate, but it is your fate to change.

I am pro-American, and I have always been. America is a splendid concept, and a nation that other nations could aspire to. But America has shown incredibly bad judgement, and has established a rather odious track record in letting bandits and crypto-fascists run its affairs (and subsequently forgiving themselves for their own crimes) while ogling the jiggling distractions for far too long to maintain any sort of credibility without now showing the necessary resolve to affect lasting permanent remedies.

Don't just hope.

Dare. And act.

Or shut up and suffer the long delayed consequences.

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Unknown said... really lay it out there..Kudos!

I salute you Dark Black..for putting in a nutshell wtf is wrong with Amerika and it's inhabitants.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Not only are you a wizard of photoshop, you are one hell of a writer as well. Well done my friend.

mark hoback said...

Nice work.ezn

Comrade Kevin said...

I'm doing my best, friend.

Some are beginning to listen.

Barack Obama is not the revolution.

We are.

Distributorcap said...

db -- thank you
thank you for actually caring about america....

your words ring so true and so harshly -- we have serious work to do

but i am a pessimist here -- i dont think the american people are up to it yet --- and this campaign and the potential election of mccain are showing that....

can i join you up north?