Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Overnight

Still, You Turn Me On - Greg Lake, Cal Jam '74.


Dusty said...

Dude..this has always been my favorite ELP song. Thank you DB ;)

darkblack said...

I actually prefer this arrangement to the studio version, Dusty.

It shows the skills to go out in front of 300K+ people out there in the dark and deliver the goods all by yourself...Young musicians, take note


Tom said...

Am I the only one who noticed that he's chewing gum? How do you sing and chew gum at the same time?

Still, I always liked this song and it's cool to see him live.

darkblack said...

'Just a pinch between the cheek and gum', tom...If you look at the Beatles' All You Need Is Love video from Our World in '67 you'll see Lennon doing the same thing - Keeps the mouth and throat moist in pressured situations.