Sunday, August 02, 2009

Everything Is True, No Thinking Is Permitted

I fought their "anal probe", my friends...

Raw Story:

TV host Glenn Beck has a theory about the real reason the US government launched the “cash-for-clunkers” program: It’s a secret conspiracy to take control of your computer.

It used to be that, in the Right wing propaganda spearpoint game, a seemly number of days or weeks would pass between eruptions of incoherency, giving the overtaxed cortexes of the subscribing demographic clinging to every word with raggedly masticated fingernails a chance at repeating the falsehoods to themselves and their cohorts enough so that a belief unshakable by inconvenient facts could be established.

But now it seems that, as in so many other entertainment occupations requiring regular beast feeding, an increasing tempo of providing specially tailored crackpot product to satiate the 'imaginary playfriends' crowd has been deemed imperative.
This of course is no doubt due to ratings - after all, you don't get to be the network choice of birthers, flat earthers and other lower berthers by sticking to reruns of daytime soaps and the Teatime Movie.

It would be one thing if elements of relevant truth were attached to these incendiary prevarications...After all, one of the elements within the successful Big Lie is to incorporate just enough factual data to infer plausibility upon whopperish screeching to the less easily gulled.
This, of course, is not for the benefit of the 27% of fish head-eating geeks who believe unquestioningly anyone or anything that affirms their prejudices directly - merely the mass of mentally incurious fence sitters who require a stiffer breeze to fill their tattered sails.

Now, however, they (and by 'they' - well, you know who I'm talking about - If you don't, you're one of them) don't even bother. Safe to assume, perhaps, that their contempt for intellect and critical thinking is reaching its apex.



Utah Savage said...

I'm so pissed off at the MSM and the platform they give the birthers, deathers, and other RW nutcases that I can no longer stand to watch TV news. I have turned the damn thing off and I'm living to BBC. If we don't get real healthcare reform I am going to explore selling my house and moving north. We may be too stupid to live. Without healthcare reform with at least a public option the economy is going down the toilet and I no longer will be able to stand it. I'm fairly immune from a lot of the problems with healthcare, since I get medicare, but still, if there is no public option in reform it won't be reform at all--it will be a huge gift to the insurance industry.

I tried to come here from twitter to comment and google wouldn't let me comment without jumping through their stupid hoops. They claim I don't know my own password. Stupid google. Can you tell I'm not happy with the state of things?

Cleveland Bob said...

Well crafted screed, db.

Glenn Beck continues to fascinate me tho'. He's singularly the most self exploitative individual out there.

I keep listening just 'cause I'm hoping that I'll catch it live when his head actually explodes.

Let's all wish real hard that it goes off tomorrow.

driftglass said...

My cousin told me that if you play the audiobook of "The Christmas Sweater" backwards you can hear Glenn Beck saying "I'm very rich" over and over again.

Comrade Kevin said...

I hate that crap. My father needs no additional reasons to believe in conspiracy theories or to be angry at something.

The older he gets, the more he rants, and the more he watches Fox News. Coincidence? I think not.

Randal Graves said...

Now where can I get a hat like that?