Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Old Memes In New Bottles, 1st in a series

Some of you who might possess a dwindling interest may be curious as to why a former fountain of productivity such as myself is no longer gushing forth trifles to while away the wait for the End, whatever that end may be.

Several reasons could be put forth, but for the purposes of this post one will suffice: that I saw things to come long ago, created a tawdry pastiche that summarized my perception of same at that time, and placed it for viewing before your naked steaming eyes to peruse. No need to belabor the deceased equine.

Like many (and perhaps most) artists, I am loathe to regurgitate previous concepts over and again, merely for the loot - although that certainly doesn't stop some who suffer under the creative impulse from doing so, bless their hearts.

That said, I have noted the ongoing trend among humanity to revisit a past with lessons unlearned for the perverse joy of refusing to learn those lessons yet again, one supposes.

And with that in mind, I offer an irregularly produced series of previous works, unearthed to illustrate the futility of a prompt answer to the muse's call.


Democracy? How Perfectly Ghastly, Lovey

The 'Mitt Romney as Thurston Howell III' meme, originally published 2007.

(special guest: Rudolf 'Lovey' Giuliani)



Rehctaw said...

Blogger fatigue. A wide-spread pandemic. When blogging's function as an anti-depressant loses its potency the descent can be gripping.

Time to stop trying to drag anyone along and just enjoy the ride. If that doesn't work out, there's always alcohol...

Cheers DB!

darkblack said...

Rendering most of these politicolookas now seeking glory in any shade of exaggeration can only reflect a most grotesque product, one that was the logical outcome of enabling their predecessors to predate and spawn, Rehcatw.

Art is not merely for shock value, hereabouts.