Friday, September 09, 2011

I Remember, Don't Worry

What Price Fleadom?

Who's Next?


Ye Olde Master Painter

Have It Our Way

Monsieur Rat, Vous

He's Just Not That Into You Anymore

...How could I forget?



Michael said...

Well put, as always DB. Please remember these things when you lose faith with the non-GOP types who are actually trying to set things straight. I'm certainly not admonishing you, your mind is in the right place, it's just that I get a bit discouraged when our side gives up in mid-stream when things do not go our way. THEY are very organized, and on the other hand WE are not.
THEY take advantage of this fact and ALWAYS split us up into factions that are, ultimately, easy to dismiss. Obama COULD be a great leader, given the chance, but he will never be as long as we have a political party that looks upon this as a battle for control and NOT as an opportunity to better ourselves as a nation. Others have said it best, THEIR idea of governing is akin to throwing chunks of concrete onto the highway from an overpass and blaming the ensuing carnage on the
other side. We will never see progress in America without cooperation from both parties, and that will never happen with the present GOP mindset!

darkblack said...

Thank you, Michael. My review of some (rather ancient, by now) personal works was posted to note the passing of a moment in time, now a decade gone where the darkness that now shrouds us all, knowing or unknowingly, took wing.

I have absented myself for the most part from further visual commentary of late, as the Muse that fueled such statements has moved on - perhaps permanently.
I am no longer in the same place mentally as I was when I started this blog five years ago to feature my works that were deemed somewhat 'problematic' for some other places, and would rather rest on my meager laurels than proffer substandard mediocrity.

Certainly, as you have stated, no meaningful change can occur within the current paradigm - a situation where well-groomed terrorists in flag pin-adorned three-piece suits going about the bidding of their oligarchical backers hold no interest in any activity that does not destabilize and undermine the current administration of your country...and the administration that has been so targeted seems incapable of entertaining the concept of such negative perceptions toward themselves, while some within it behave as though progressive thoughts and efforts are without comity and gravity.

Quelle tragique.