Monday, April 18, 2011

A Velvet Garden Of Rhinestone Stars

Heart, Magazine, 1978.


Cleveland Bob said...

Great BC rock. Your post prompted a Wikipedia search on Heart.

Since they had so many different members in the band and over the years, so many permutations of folks, they actually have a Gaant Chart with timelines on Heart. Wow.

darkblack said...

Technically, the Wilson sisters and band were Americans, CB - Their manager was a draft dodger, so they relocated.
Silly folks wrote them off as Zeppelin with tits back in the day, but as Ahmet Ertegun once purportedly said, 'You can't imply anything to morons.'

Back when I did my part for CanCon (radiospeak for Canadian Content) on this here blog, I featured them as honorary Canucks, since they got their start in Vancouver on a Canadian label - not that they needed any validation from me, certainly.

The glory days (but not necessarily the talent) ended when most of the original members left, IMO - the old Rumours syndrome, relationships of a more personal nature within the band coming to a messy end, although they did come back in a more (shudder) radio-friendly way to much success.

That said, watching Ann Wilson blow a limited talent like Fergie off the stage vocally, thus forcing her to rely on some evidently well-rehearsed pole dance maneuvers to try and get over is always a treat.