Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Overnight

Pat Martino, Starbright, 1976.

Jack Lancaster and Robin Lumley with Brand X, Take Off/Sail On Solar Winds/Arrival, 1976.

Branford Marsalis, The Nearness Of You, 1989.

Tell 'Em, Branford.

Count Basie and his Orchestra (arranged by Oliver Nelson), African Sunrise, 1970.

Wayne Shorter, Thanks For The Memories, 1978.

We now conclude our broadcasting day



Blogger sunshine said...

I thought for sure my favourite was going to be "The Nearness of You".
Then I heard the last one, "Thanks For The Memories" and changed my mind.
I'm coming to discover that I really enjoy music that has only one instrument playing. I never realized that before. :)


12:59 PM  
Blogger Cleveland Bob said...

Wow. I had completely forgotten about that Jack Lancaster/Robin Lumley album. Thanks for the flashback, db!

9:22 PM  
OpenID BDR said...


9:08 AM  

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