Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Phantom In Your Box, Shadow In Your Head

Some nostalgia for my eldest...the first rock show I took him to (though not the first one where he was taken backstage, oddly enough) and he thought Rob and the boys were the bomb - Myself of course setting a negative parenting example sharing some fat home-rolled cigarettes with my friendly biker gang pals while waiting for those nice fellas Slayer to take the daylight.

'Memories, memories...'



Randal Graves said...

'tis a crime to watch the mighty Slayer outside in the sun.

zencomix said...

Off topic, but you might find this resource amusing and /or useful in your photoshopping!

Comics With Problems

darkblack said...

They did seem a little offput by the big bright light up there, Randal. Good mosh, though.
That's an excellent site, ZC...Thank you.
I'll save it for when I'm less burnt out and preoccupied, or midterms - whichever comes first.


Freida Bee said...

Oh yeah, takes me right back to doing whippits with my dad the first time. Awesome song.

darkblack said...

Ah Freida, my Metal queen. All kneel and worship.


Laura said...

The first concert my parents ever took me to was to see Bobby Curtola.
He was playing at Woolworths.
Exciting times.


darkblack said...

It's hard to remember my first parentally escorted music event - It was either Moe Koffman or the Festival Express...Although that may have been on the Q.T. - Daddy didn't dig the Rock, baby!