Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Overnight

Phil Woods and Lee Konitz, And When We Were Young, Germany, 1968.

Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra, Smoke Rings, 1932.


VG said...

Hey, db.

Even if you decide to hang up your rude graphix boots, you really to have a future as a music blogger. ;)

Only watched the first YT, and that sent me off into YT land, on two accounts.

1) I was trying to find another version of #1. But, I couldn't find a clear match. Is this same tune, or not? Even if not, it's still pretty good.

Last Night When We Were Young (Frank Sinatra)

2) And, for some reason, the first tune I thought of was "The shadow of your smile".

Haven't found a good version of that, but do you see/ hear any similarity? Uh, maybe I'm too influenced by having found a few YTs that have clips of "Songs that sound like other songs", and thus the thought.

p.s. Please don't stop with the wonderful graphix.

VG said...

oh, p.s. check this out

Sarah Vaughan: Shadow of Your Smile 1964

VG said...

oh, p.p.s.

When I get off into YouTube land, one thing leads to another, inevitably. etc. etc.

And, I found this great youtube.

Ella Fitzgerald:I've Got a Crush on You 1979 Montreux

Hey db, don't let this go to your head. And, not to worry. I mean this in the nicest and most innocent way, but I've got a crush on you. Sez the boomer with the eyeglasses. I hope you will take this as a compliment from me, no more, no less. ;) xxoo

darkblack said...


They are different tunes, although Woods did cover Last Night When We Were Young on a recent release (Great American Songbook II). Woods wrote And When We Are Young himself, and it can be found on the Japanese reissue of 'Alive and Well in Paris'.

Ah, the divine Miss Vaughan. Wonderful phrasing, there.

Shadow of Your Smile? Here's Johnny Hartman's version from 1972 with Terumasa Hino on trumpet:

And of course, Lady Fitz is without peer in the field of vocal improvisation.

Two of my favorite female bloggers posting endearments today? How could I be so lucky?


VG said...

Hey db,

okay I feel better. I'm not the only one. ;) db wimmen's fan girls.

but, still, I would like to know if you can hear any similarity b/t the two tunes. I really heard a lot that was similar musically in listening to the Sarah Vaughn version of "Shadow of your smile" and the first YT you posted. I listened to them, flipping back from one to the other, and apart from the last bit on each phrase, I was really struck by the similarity. Tell me I'm wrong, but I won't go easily. I have been emboldened by my blogging success. ;) ;)

VG said...

p.s. I was comparing the Sarah Vaughn version I gave, vs the version of "And when we were young" you posted.

darkblack said...

Sure, VG...The opening ascending 4 note phrase (E/A/B/C) of When We Were Young that Woods plays is similar to the first six notes of the melody of Vaughan's version of Shadow Of Your Smile (G/C/D/E flat/G/D, key of G minor). The actual chord structures, or changes, are not the same, however.