Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A probing bit of insight from Glenn Beck

Glenn Pick

Media Matters

Beck, on Barack Obama: "If you start to, you know, delve around the edges, say, 'Wait a minute, isn't he mixed race? Weren't we told that last year?' Or whatever, biracial. Not allowed to say that anymore."

Beck responded by saying "he's (Obama) very white in many ways," adding, "Gee, can I even say that?
Can I even say that without somebody else starting a campaign saying, 'What does he mean, "He's very white?" ' He is. He's very white."

After the interview, Beck attempted to clarify his comments to executive producer and head writer of The Glenn Beck Program, Steve Burguiere, who is known on-air as "Stu."

Beck claimed that Obama "is colorless," adding that "as a white guy ... [y]ou don't notice that he is black. So he might as well be white, you know what I mean?"

In addition, Beck said: "I guarantee you, there will be blogs today that will have me being a racist because I say that."'

And why might that be?


Well, Glenn, this blog will have you as a studiedly clueless tool who ought to be subbing for 'Jingles the Clown' on some low-rent kiddie cartoon show, instead of spreading your fertilizer on CNN.

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